Skyrim Alchemy Profitability Calculator
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How to use

First, a few things good to know about the Alchemy mechanics:
So as you can see, if you want to gain skill and money quickly, it's good to figure out the best use of each ingredient.

This is how you use the app:
  1. Start with finding an ingredient you have lots of.
  2. For the most profitable effect (shown by the number next to the name), click on "show a combination".
  3. First you will get a list of other ingredients you can use together with your first one to achieve this effect. A green name means that this is the best possible use of this ingredient. A black name means that it could also be used to achieve a more profitable effect.
  4. When you have decided what the two first ingredients in you potion are, find them in the long list below (by scrolling or using Ctrl+F)
  5. Now you can also find a suitable third ingredient. Again, all effect names in green means that this is the best possible use of this ingredient.
And a last explanation, the prices I have listed in this app are only to give you a reference, it was what I got for an effect on a specific level, with a specific skill, and with specific gear. You will get completely different values, but since all values scale linear you can still use my prices as a reference to find the most profitable uses of your ingredients.

Let me know if you find any bugs,