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What I've been up to lately

2/21/13 Dawnguard and Dragonborn expansions
Sorry for being absent so long, but I became a mum a while ago and have had plenty to do since.
I still dont have much spare time, but after receiving a fanmail a couple of days ago I could not resist. The person mailing asked me to include the new ingredients from the expansion packs, so here they are! Enjoy :-)

12/05/11 Started work on taking your current ingredient stock into account, not finished yet though so I havent released anything

12/04/11 Poll: What functionality would you like to see next?

Poll link | Reddit comments

12/04/11 List ingredients by profit
A small but useful change to the ingredient list page, now you can also sort them by profit.

12/01/11 Don't miss my new big thing, the Enchanter Helper BETA!
It turns out that the profit of an enchant scales differently on weapons and armor. Armor enchants get a huge boost in value when you use better souls. Weapon enchants stay more or less the same, and thus might get left behind. I've started on an app that will show you which enchants are the most profitable ones for a given soul, go check it out!

11/28/11 If you are having problems getting started... can always check out these, they are the most valuable effects you can have in a potion.

Regenerate Health
Regenerate Magicka
Regenerate Stamina

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